General Questions

Q What does it cost to enter the event?
Answer: There is a $5 admission fee for adults and children 12 and over.

Q What is the date of the event?
Answer: The event is one day, September 30, 2018

Q Is parking available for patrons?
Answer: There is FREE parking available for patrons on the west side of the park which is accessible through the Southern Blvd Entrance. Limited offsite parking is also
available with a shuttle service from the Heart Center parking lot, locate just south of the park, on Southern Blvd..

Q Is Handicap Parking available for patrons?
Answer: HANDICAP PARKING is also available through the Southern Blvd Entrance

Q Where do I send my application?
Answer: Boardman Rotary Oktoberfestival
P.O.Box 5300
Poland, Ohio 44514

Q Can I have last year’s space?
Answer: For returning 2017 Arts & Crafts vendors, last year’s spaces are only guaranteed if you register during the month of May and the park layout hasn’t changed for your space from last year.

Q How do I reserve a space?
Answer: Returning 2017 Arts & Crafts vendors will receive their application instructions in the mail prior to April 25th. However, vendors can download an application. 

Q Are there limits as to what can be sold?
Answer: The guidelines are as follows:
a) Arts & Crafts dealers are encouraged to sell handmade products. 
b) No flea market material. 
c) Only food vendors can sell food that can be purchased and consumed during the event. 
d) No dealer will be permitted to sell knives of any size and shape, guns (new, used or antique), brass knuckles, night sticks, martial arts weapons, etc.

Q Do I need a vendor license?
Answer: If you do not have a permanent Ohio Vendors License you will need to contact the Mahoning County Auditor at (330) 740-2010.

Q Do I need any special equipment
Answer: Each vendor is required by local fire codes to have a portable fire extinguisher within each booth.

Q What Spaces are available?
1) Arts & Crafts 14’ x 14’spaces at $135.00 per space with a limit of 4 spaces.
2) Non-Profit 15’ x 15’spaces at $100.00 per space with a limit of 1 space per vendor.
3) Food Concession (must be pre-approved prior to submitting an application)
4) Commercial 20’ x 20’ spaces at $350.00 per space with a limit of 1 space per vendor.
5) Political Spaces 15’ x 15’ spaces at $500.00 with a limit of 1 space per candidate.

Vendor Setup

Q Are there local fire department requirements?
Answer: Each vendor is required by local fire codes to have a portable fire extinguisher within each booth.

Q Is vendor parking available?
Answer: Vendor parking will be available in the paved lot just off Southern Blvd. You will receive additional information two weeks prior to the event. Additional parking passes will be available for an additional $20.00 per vehicle/ space permitting the morning of the event.

Q When can I arrive at the park for setup?
Answer: Saturday setup is available from 12:00 noon until 5:00PM. Gates open at 6:00AM on the day of the event. Setup must be completed by 8:00AM.

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